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Barroso talks new world order

Barroso — who is now completing his 10th year as President of the European Commission — leads the executive branch of the EU, making him the most powerful officeholder in the entire organization.

Undocumented students’ request for aid denied

Earlier this month, state education officials rejected a petition to extend in-state university financial aid to undocumented college students.

Nobel laureate talks modern slavery

Slavery has not yet reached an end — and to pretend otherwise would be a disservice to humanity, according to Wole Soyinka.

Former cyclist talks doping

When former Tour de France cyclist Tyler Hamilton was caught using performance-enhancing drugs in, he thought it was the worst day of his life.

Smoking bans effective among mentally ill

Previous research suggests that smokers with mental illness generally have more difficulty quitting cigarettes than smokers who are not mentally ill.

Cooperation reduces racial categorization

A common enemy can bring people together regardless of traditionally divisive factors like race. And a new study suggests peaceful cooperation can create the same effect.

Study finds infants wise eaters

A new Yale study discovered that infants are inclined to eat what they’re supposed to, after all.

ELECTION DAY: From Snowbama to Salovey

  Status Positive // BY TAOTAO HOLMES So let’s be real: as a college student in 2012, I celebrated my first official election in the […]