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Tristan Hernandez is the 147th Editor in Chief and President of the Yale Daily News. He previously served as a copy editor and covered student policy & affairs and student life for the University desk. Originally from Austin, Texas, he is a junior in Pierson College majoring in political science.
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305 Crown St. to be renovated to Middle Eastern and North African cultural space

Administrators confirmed that the new “cultural suite” will be located on the first floor of a building on Crown Street, which is set to undergo renovations over the summer.

All residential college dining halls to close over spring recess

Due to a lack of students on campus over spring recess last year, all residential college dining halls will close over spring recess, unlike last year. Administrators told the News that low-income students are eligible for a daily $30 UberEats credit if they remain on campus.

Tuition hikes continue to outpace inflation, admin say financial aid rising concurrently

As costs rise by nearly 4 percent for the 2023-24 academic year, University administrators told the News that financial aid packages rise concurrently with tuition hikes, which were attributed to inflation.

Yale Health stops collecting positive COVID-19 reports

Nearly four years after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Yale Health will end its COVID Resource Line, move COVID-19 information away from a specified website to the Campus Health website and stop collecting positive case reports.

Mental health ranks as top student concern in presidential search report

According to a report of over 1,800 student responses compiled by the Presidential Search Student Advisory Council, student mental health is Yale’s top challenge for its next leader.

Housing process for 2024 commences on expedited timeline

The housing process, which underwent major reforms last year, will conclude over two weeks earlier than last year’s.

Yale’s CSC contract is set to end in 2026. Is free laundry next? 

The University’s contract with laundry service CSC ServiceWorks is set to end in 2026. Now the Yale College Council duo in charge of Laundry Advocacy is planning to seize the moment to continue pushing for free laundry.

Yale Hospitality cuts number of Black History Month dinners from nine to four nights

Yale Hospitality wrote to the News that the change was made to reduce long lines in the dining halls, yet the News spoke with four students who voiced their disappointment in the decision.

Aeris, Panhellenic sororities host simultaneous recruitment, Panhellenic see increased popularity and bids

After Pi Beta Phi members voted unofficially to disaffiliate last semester, former members of the sorority unanimously revoked their status as active members, making Yale’s Panhellenic recruitment only include three sororities. Despite this, the Panhellenic sororities gave out more bids than in 2023 and the News was not able to obtain Aeris’ numbers.

Administration to extend full room and board coverage for all future FroCos

In June, the Yale College Dean’s Office announced a one-time FroCo pay increase to cover the full cost of room and board for the current class of counselors, while committing to review its pre-existing FroCo pay scheme.

Administration preps for creation of new space for Middle Eastern and North African students

After University President Peter Salovey promised the creation of a MENA space in December, administrators told the News that MENA students will have dedicated spaces, peer liaisons and an assistant director hired by the fall semester.