The Tenure Game

Congratulations! You are a female or minority professor, and you’ve been selected to play Yale’s Tenure Game. With a strict time limit of nine years, your objective is to teach, research, and publish your way across the board to meet your department’s expectations for promotion. Your final goal? Tenure. Academic freedom, job security, and a […]


Among the Thangmi

Mark Turin took the bus as far as it would go. When the road stopped, he got off with only a rucksack and set out to find the Thangmi and learn their language. Turin wandered northward, stopping in villages to inquire about the Thangmi, with no luck. It was December 1996; the Nepali Civil War […]


A Pitch for Peace

“At all times, you should be listening.” This is Micah Hendler’s ’12 advice to his teenage choristers as they warm up their vocal cords with the English vowel sounds: “ah,” “ay,” “ee,” “oh” and “oo.” The advice is meant to improve cohesion between voices and could be given to any choir, but, to the Jerusalem […]

Small Talk