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YSPH study examines high COVID-19 repeat positive test rates in nursing homes

A Yale School of Public Health study conducted in collaboration with the state found that some nursing home residents experienced repeat positive COVID-19 tests.

YSPH study finds COVID-19 vaccine rollout has saved 279,000 lives

Researchers used modeling techniques to estimate the number of lives saved and hospitalizations prevented due to the U.S. vaccine rollout compared to the result if no vaccines had been administered.

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Yale study: COVID-19 vaccine distribution at dollar stores could improve equity

Yale researchers found that including dollar stores in the U.S. vaccine distribution process would aid in the country’s efforts to reach marginalized populations.

UP CLOSE | Let’s talk about it: The triumphs and failures of public health messaging during COVID-19

Epidemiologists at the Yale School of Public Health, Yale faculty and a community leader comment on how the U.S. government fell short when communicating health guidance to the public during the pandemic and what lessons can be learned from the year in review.

Yale study finds smoke-free worksite laws help to reduce vaping

A recent study at the Yale School of Public Health identified that smoke-free worksite laws may help not only to reduce levels of cigarette smoking, […]

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COVID-19 vaccines: A glossary of terms

YPSH researchers develop vaccine candidate against deadly leptospirosis bacteria

Researchers at the Yale School of Public Health have identified a vaccine candidate against the potentially deadly Leptospira bacteria. Leptospira bacteria are responsible for causing […]

Yale report finds increased risk of COVID-19 transmission in indoor ice rinks

A report released last month by the Yale School of Public Health found elevated risks of SARS-CoV-2 transmission at indoor ice rinks.  Krystal Pollitt, assistant […]

Yale experts criticize Lamont’s plans to loosen COVID-19 restrictions, citing rise of variants

Gov. Ned Lamont plans to loosen COVID-19 restrictions in the coming weeks, drawing criticism from some Yale public health experts who say that the state […]

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Yale scientists design wearable clip to detect SARS-CoV-2 air exposure

As the coronavirus continues to spread globally, people who are wondering whether they have been exposed to the virus may have an answer in a […]

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Efficacy vs. efficiency: Which is the most important when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines?

With the Johnson & Johnson single-dose COVID-19 vaccine pending FDA approval, epidemiologists are considering the effect that it will have on efforts to curb COVID-19 […]