Stephen Gikow
College Christians gather at retreat

When thousands of college students come together in a gymnasium, it is usually to cheer for their team. But last month about 20,000 Christian students […]

Wilson chosen as Div. dean

Professor Robert Wilson was named the new Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the Divinity School Wednesday. Wilson, who holds the Hoober Professorship of Religious […]

Div. faculty ponder court case

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case today that brings the age-old rivalry between church and state to the public forefront once again. In […]

Translator discusses life of 17th Karmapa in Lotus talk

As one of the holiest men in the Buddhist faith, the 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje showed his religious gifts from an early age, Dorje’s […]

Diverse group of students join Ramadan feast

Yusuf Samara ’05, president of the Muslim Students Association, stood in front of a sea of attentive faces eager to commence with their Ramadan celebration […]

Reactions to gay bishop are diverse

In a move some say could cause an irreparable rift in the Anglican community, the Episcopal Church USA made history last Sunday as the first […]

Compline caters to students of all faiths

The candles flicker, casting long shadows over the vaulted ceiling. Incense wafts through the nave, as Gregorian chants echo throughout the dark expanse and men […]

Wiest talks religion in China

Dr. Jean-Paul Wiest thinks the Catholic Church in China needs to to recapture a positive relationship with the common people. Wiest came to the Overseas […]

Students sing healing prayer with Johnson

About 20 Baha’i followers gathered in a Morse College common room Wednesday night to join singer-songwriter Allen Johnson in his musical interpretation of the Baha’i […]

Activists gather on Green for peace

An eclectic group of about 90 people gathered on the New Haven Green Sunday for a candlelight peace vigil to commemorate the United Nations-sanctioned International […]

City officials praise security efforts

City officials disclosed Thursday some of the measures New Haven has taken to bolster domestic security since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, including the […]