Stephanie Teng
Fewer women than men with kids get tenure

Fewer women professors who have children earlier in their careers obtain tenure than their male counterparts do, a recent study published in the Chronicle of […]

Students go to N.H. for Clark’s HQ launch

While the “Clark Bar” may not be the world’s next Snickers, the “secret marketing tool” of the latest Democratic grassroots campaign may soon find its […]

‘Olympics’ draws young physicists

Defying the laws of normalcy, 250 high school students crowded into two Sloan Physics Lab lecture halls Saturday morning to hear physics professor Cornelius Beausang […]

Pierson’s chaotic ‘Inferno’ marked too hot to handle

After years of rowdiness and excessive damage to facilities, the infamous flames of the Pierson Inferno may be extinguished forever. The Inferno, which is Pierson […]

DeLauro proposal fails in House

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro’s legislative effort to beef up investigations into corporate tax fraud failed in the House of Representatives earlier this month, but she said […]

Group IV’s target non-majors

When shopping courses to fulfill their distributional requirements, non-science majors may now have an alternative to a room full of pre-meds or a watered down […]

Youth job program faces funding cuts for summer

This summer may find significantly more enterprising young New Haven residents out of work than usual. While the New Haven Public Schools and the Regional […]

After long wait, Yale TV to air students’ programming

Hollywood hopefuls may finally have an outlet for their talents here at Yale. For the first time in Yale history, students will have access to […]

Palast, BBC journalist, says war is profit-maker for Bush allies

The war in Iraq is a masked effort to divert attention from Bush administration corruption while allowing supporters and donors of the Bush party to […]

Festival gives taste of culture, diversity

With Chinese dance troupes and a Bulgarian egg-painting workshop, a group of international students and organizations invited Yale and the New Haven community to Commons […]

Div School admit rate drops

After receiving a record number of applications, the Yale Divinity School accepted less than half its applicants this year, marking the lowest admit rate in […]