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BRAUNSTEIN: Decriminalize prostitution

The criminalization of prostitution, although seemingly intended to “rescue” women from sex work, actually furthers the cycle of discrimination and disenfranchisement.

A World of One’s Own

A few weeks ago, my mother sent me an article about two Argentine women in their early 20s who were murdered in Montanita, Ecuador in […]

Seeing Color

I left feeling like I had been shot, straight to the heart. I stumbled out of the dimly lit theater with the play’s final, cacophonous […]


Last year, Matt Jaffe — who would now be a junior film studies major in Calhoun — chose to drop out of Yale to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a full-fledged musician. Mentored by Jerry Harrison, the lead guitarist and keyboardist of the Talking Heads, Jaffe seeks to carve his own musical path. He’s the lead singer of Matt Jaffe and the Distractions, a rock ’n’ roll band that also includes Paul Paldino on bass, Adam Nash on guitar and Thomas Yopes on drums. Jaffe spoke to WKND about his songwriting process, how his time at Yale influenced his music and his expectations for the future.

Yale Strips Down

Many of us imagine it as an alien atmosphere. Clothes strewn on furniture, naked bodies gyrating. But for many Yalies, the freedom — and not just the liberation of their private parts — provided at a naked party feels like home.

Tapping Through Oz

At a Yale Taps show, sight and sound combine to create a lighthearted display. Against an ethereal, multicolored background, the tappers play with silhouette and […]

Alan Rickman did not attend

I’m sitting at a cafe sipping my sparkling apple sangria — that tastes and looks suspiciously like milk — out of a tiny, quarter-filled plastic […]

All’s fair in love and hookups

Flashing lights, gyrating hips and inebriated Yalies fill Toad’s on Wednesday nights. The music pulsates to the beat of unfulfilled desire. The darkness cloaks desperate […]

Getting Under the Helmet

In America, the last few years of high school center on college applications and acceptances. In Israel, high-school seniors matriculate into the military by completing […]

Between Perfection and Chaos

I was born blind to the traditional beauties of the world: crisp silhouettes against a fading sunset, precise letters on a blackboard, delightful constellations splayed […]

Influenced by others, less at fault

People tend to think that others are less at fault when their actions have been influenced by third-party actors, a new Yale study has found.