Sarah Nutman
Nutman: Police with tolerance

Policing in New Haven is changing, and not for the better. Police Chief James Lewis and Mayor John DeStefano Jr. unveiled their new approach to […]

Nutman: The divide at home

Last week, I watched with the throngs on the mall as Barack Obama stood on the steps of the Capitol and became president of the […]

Nutman: Aid rail, not airport

Last week, the Tweed-New Haven Airport Authority submitted a DeStefano-backed request to the Board of Aldermen for an additional $160,000 to help keep it running […]

Nutman: Alternate help for homeless

New Haven has long been a city of refuge; it mandates that new development include affordable housing, it has spent more on funding for services […]

Nutman: Educating through canvassing

In the past week, politically active Yalies have wondered how much their efforts affected the outcome of the election. The research of Yale professors Donald […]

Nutman: Let the people amend

Question 1 on the Connecticut ballot next week — “Shall there be a Constitutional Convention to amend or revise the Constitution of the State?” — […]

Nutman: DeStefano needs a challenge

Last week, Mayor John DeStefano announced he was going to run for an unprecedented ninth term, which would make him the longest-serving elected mayor in […]

Nutman: Show card, not verbal solidarity

Conflict over the Elm City Resident Cards is nothing new. Since the program’s inception in the summer of 2007, anti-immigrant groups have spent hours protesting […]

In advising, freshmen need more than condoms

“When you arrive on campus for your first term at Yale, many people will be ready and willing to offer advice about your academic choices,” […]