Sanjena Sathian
Prizes fund research for junior professors

Seven junior professors were honored last week for their research across different fields. The awards honored faculty across three fields: the natural and social sciences, […]

Book on Heidegger causes a stir

An English translation published by the Yale University Press of a French book that seeks to remove German philosopher Martin Heidegger from philosophy curricula because […]

City proposes recycling rewards

A new city program may allow Yale off-campus students to receive coupons for donuts or vitamins starting next year. Under the new initiative, on which […]

Mensa hosts test at Yale

A group of intelligent people gathered in William L. Harkness Hall on Saturday to take a test. Sounds like a typical Yale morning. But instead […]

Drink like a rock star

“If you can’t be a rock star, might as well drink like one,” reads the sign over the menu at New Haven’s C.O. Jones Mexican […]

Students step toward health

At 7 a.m. Wednesday morning the rain was pouring down, and the last thing most Yalies probably wanted to do was walk to class. But […]

Edgewood School students ‘Walk this Way’

It’s 8 in the morning, it’s pouring, and a horde of children is supposed to be walking to school. This morning’s International Walk to School […]

Study: Surgery residents are stressed

Most general surgery residents are stressed by their work environments, a Yale study found. In what researchers say is likely the largest study of its […]

Baker’s Dozen punished for rush violations

The singing group the Baker’s Dozen has violated regulations governing a cappella rush by allegedly serving alcohol to rushees. The Baker’s Dozen is the only […]