Goldsmith: MLB has set a dangerous precedent

On Wednesday evening, Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig announced that the MLB would take over day-to-day operations at the Los Angeles Dodgers. The historic franchise has been in steady decline due to front-office fighting in the wake of the team’s owners’ bitter divorce. Jamie and Frank McCourt’s high-profile divorce has led to operational mismanagement […]

Goldsmith: A new impression of the TMQ

On Tuesday, a handful of Yale students had the great opportunity to share Claire’s cupcakes with a legend in the world of sports journalism — the Tuesday Morning Quarterback, Gregg Easterbrook. For the better part of 10 years, the front page of has featured Easterbrook’s TMQ column every Tuesday morning during football season. The […]

Goldsmith: NCAA can’t ignore criminal histories anymore

On March 2, Sports Illustrated and CBS News published the results of an “unprecedented special investigation” on college athletes. S.I. and CBS conducted a six-month investigation into the criminal history of all of the players on the S.I. preseason top 25 college football teams for 2010. The results stunned many athletic departments, and condemning articles […]

Goldsmith: Pujols is standing strong

The handful of you who read my weekly column (thanks to my family for their unwavering support) will remember me complaining about greedy owners last week, in the context of the ongoing saga of the NFL collective bargaining agreement. The three of you will also recognize how hypocritical/contradictory most of my opinions have been, so […]

Goldsmith: Athletes are workers too

Super Bowl XLV has come and passed. The Vince Lombardi Trophy has returned home to Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers and the world-champion Packers. With the season concluded, and the victor exalted, it is about time we began to look at the biggest NFL story of the season, and in fact of the past several […]

Goldsmith: Get HYPed

For once, I started my weekly sports column before my editors’ deadline. I even sat in front of the TV Sunday with my computer, recording all my thoughts on the NFL playoff games, the teams, the commentary, the broadcasts, all in preparation for another one of my boring and drawn out ramblings on football. I […]

Goldsmith: Prediction is futile

“That’s why they play the game!” My brother’s voice crackles in my Xbox LIVE headset as Wayne Rooney drills another ball past my keeper, and big bro is up 2–0. While I remind him that there’s still time left, and 2–0 is the most dangerous lead in soccer, my heart sinks, and I know that […]

Goldsmith: Stop fueling racism’s fire

I should apologize upfront for what I’m sure must seem like blatant hypocrisy, but I think it’s about time that sports coverage moves past questions of race. Two days before Thanksgiving, Page 2 of ran a story by Jemele Hill titled “Is race still an issue for NFL quarterbacks?” Hill argued that the media […]

Goldsmith: FIFA 11 soccer’s best hope

As I pulled up this morning as part of my daily ritual, I already knew what the featured stories at the top of the page would be: some garbage about NFL rankings, a LeBron James-Miami Heat update, continued World Series coverage/analysis, and an article about the latest surrounding Randy Moss’ free agency. I don’t […]

Goldsmith: It all comes down to pitching

No professional post-season comes with as much excitement — or as much relief — as the MLB playoffs. After 162 games of droning regular season play, most of which mean next to nothing individually, the MLB playoffs revitalize the sport, reminding us why baseball is indeed America’s national pastime. This year, the eight teams that […]

Goldsmith: Concussions deserve more attention

At 10 o’clock last Saturday night, I was preparing for the evening’s carousing, sipping brews with some buddies and watching the Stanford-Oregon game. It was a typical Saturday night college scene: a room full of frat-bros talking boisterously, half paying attention to the football game as we aired grievances and exchanged the latest gossip – […]