Sam Goldsmith
Goldsmith: MLB has set a dangerous precedent

On Wednesday evening, Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig announced that the MLB would take over day-to-day operations at the Los Angeles Dodgers. The historic […]

Goldsmith: A new impression of the TMQ

On Tuesday, a handful of Yale students had the great opportunity to share Claire’s cupcakes with a legend in the world of sports journalism — […]

Goldsmith: NCAA can’t ignore criminal histories anymore

On March 2, Sports Illustrated and CBS News published the results of an “unprecedented special investigation” on college athletes. S.I. and CBS conducted a six-month […]

Goldsmith: Pujols is standing strong

The handful of you who read my weekly column (thanks to my family for their unwavering support) will remember me complaining about greedy owners last […]

Goldsmith: Athletes are workers too

Super Bowl XLV has come and passed. The Vince Lombardi Trophy has returned home to Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers and the world-champion Packers. With […]

Goldsmith: Get HYPed

For once, I started my weekly sports column before my editors’ deadline. I even sat in front of the TV Sunday with my computer, recording […]

Goldsmith: Prediction is futile

“That’s why they play the game!” My brother’s voice crackles in my Xbox LIVE headset as Wayne Rooney drills another ball past my keeper, and […]

Goldsmith: Stop fueling racism’s fire

I should apologize upfront for what I’m sure must seem like blatant hypocrisy, but I think it’s about time that sports coverage moves past questions […]

Goldsmith: FIFA 11 soccer’s best hope

As I pulled up this morning as part of my daily ritual, I already knew what the featured stories at the top of the […]

Goldsmith: It all comes down to pitching

No professional post-season comes with as much excitement — or as much relief — as the MLB playoffs. After 162 games of droning regular season […]

Goldsmith: Concussions deserve more attention

At 10 o’clock last Saturday night, I was preparing for the evening’s carousing, sipping brews with some buddies and watching the Stanford-Oregon game. It was […]