Sahm Adrangi
Senior Perspective: Sahm Adrangi

In working on the opinion page these past two years, first as the page’s editor, then as one of its columnists, I must say that […]

YCC knows how to make the world a better place

Kudos to this year’s YCC. In my four years, the Yale College Council has steadily transformed itself from a student government mired in endless debate […]

After the fighting, will Bush follow through?

Yesterday, I was discussing the war with a pacifist friend of mine and she said something striking: “It’s weird, I find myself strangely attracted to […]

Not just another conspiracy theory: manipulating anger

Monday’s op-ed page would have made John Stuart Mill weep. Littered with a letter, column and editorial censuring the Afro-American Cultural Center for inviting Amiri […]

Picking the right fight as a Yale activist

Two years ago, AIDS activism catapulted Yale into the national spotlight. Doctors Without Borders, a Nobel Prize-winning humanitarian group, had asked the University to relax […]

The day we won’t need affirmative action

This spring, for the first time since 1978, the Supreme Court will issue a new ruling on affirmative action in higher education — the practice […]

Fair-trade coffee: a cause not just for the left

When I first set foot on Old Campus, I couldn’t wait to stick it to the man and topple his evil capitalist empire. Hardly settled […]

Summers vs. Levin: just in time for The Game

When Lawrence Summers was first interviewed for Harvard’s presidency, he made it clear to the search committee that he wouldn’t be your typical college president. […]

The immorality of legacy in deciding Yale admissions

Imagine this. Sometime in the next two weeks, President Richard Levin unveils a bold, new plan to alter forever the face of Ivy League admissions. […]

Levin’s suspect stance against early decision

My sister is applying to Yale early decision, as I did four years ago. Like me, she’s applying from a posh single-sex private school in […]

Helping Iran off Bush’s ‘Axis of Evil’

When David Letterman asked New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman to analyze how the Muslim world reacted to the Sept. 11 hijackings, Friedman pointed out […]