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Ryan Chiao is the Managing Editor of the Managing Board of 2023. He previously served as a Sports Editor and Photo Editor, and reported on Yale's athletics department.
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2021 in Review

Here are the Yale Daily News stories that defined the past year.

Cross country prepares for HYP on Saturday

he men’s and women’s cross country teams will begin their season this weekend as they face off against Harvard and Princeton in New Jersey.

FENCING: Haibin Wang out as Yale fencing head coach

Two years after his promotion to the helm of the Yale fencing program, Haibin Wang is no longer head coach after a decision made by the University.

Field house next to Reese Stadium nears completion

Workers are busy putting the final touches on a new field house earmarked for Yale’s soccer and lacrosse programs. The 34,800-square-foot facility includes athletic medicine and sports performance space, a team center, locker rooms and offices.

UP CLOSE | Fighting for faster water: The long wait for Yale’s new pool

More than 20 years on, Yale’s quest for a new pool remains fruitless. With the existing facility nearing its 90th birthday and despite millions already pledged by alumni, the University’s plans to construct a new pool are still unclear.

WOMEN’S LACROSSE: Seven of nine recruits defer enrollment to 2021-22

Limitations on athletic competition brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic have disrupted the plans of many Yale student-athletes. Facing canceled conference play, limited opportunities for […]

A photo of women
Behind the Venue: The Kiphuth Exhibition Pool, 89 years on

“Behind the Venue” is a series of feature-form articles that dives into the history, character and most memorable moments of Yale’s various athletic forums — […]

An illustration showing the Exhibition Pool and its namesake, Robert J. H. Kiphuth
Old games for new eyes: Filling Yale’s broadcast void

If it were a regular season, Yale football’s Team 148 would be gearing up to take on Princeton this weekend. Instead, Team 118 will take […]

Empty gaps emerge in student workers’ schedules without game day gigs

Game days for the Bulldogs spotlight student-athletes focused on competition as they represent the Blue and White.  But they also typically feature another team of […]

For student team behind Yale’s sports broadcasts, no games means no streams

In any year with Ivy League games and screaming spectators, Yale production crews broadcast competitions for 21 of the Bulldogs’ 35 varsity teams. They capture […]

Coverage without games: Yale sports publicity redefines its role in 2020

Match photos. Press arrangements. Stadium announcements. Touchdown tweets. Television deals. Often flying under the radar, the strategic communications team is integral to the Yale Athletics […]