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The Neanderthal brain is 1.3 times that of Cro-Magnon man. And yet, there are commercials like this one: “So easy, a caveman could do it.” […]

Liquor permit law extended

With the extension of a program that increases police involvement in liquor license renewals, New Haven bars and clubs must stay on their best behavior.

Conn. gun law faces discrimination lawsuit

With the passage of stricter gun control laws in Connecticut, one organization has already filed a lawsuit to have the new legislation struck down.

Gun bill costs questioned

With the passage of Senate Bill 1160, an act intended to prevent gun violence, the state faces millions in projected costs.

City holds second Parent University

To promote the Elm City’s college-going culture, nearly 200 parents enrolled in “Parent University,” a semiannual program intended to increase parents’ involvement in their children’s education.

Cole Porter centennial celebration continues

Historian Robert Kimball ’61 discussed the musical legend’s college life at a Jonathan Edwards College Master’s Tea.

Aldermen discuss school safety proposals

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, Elm City officials are increasing efforts to prevent and eradicate school violence.

State budget cuts may hit Tweed

With a recently proposed budget cut under negotiation, the future of New Haven air travel may take a turn for the worse.

State considers university tuition hikes

As the state budget deficit surpasses the billion-dollar mark, Connecticut college students may pay the price with higher tuition bills.

Q Mag releases early findings from porn survey

Two weeks after its online debut, the preliminary results of Yale’s most comprehensive porn survey have been exposed. From Victorian-era role-playing to tentacle porn, over […]

Chabad at Yale celebrates 10th anniversary

More than 250 alumni of Chabad at Yale, an organization centered on the University’s Jewish community, gathered at the Yale Club of New York earlier […]