Rich Lizardo
LIZARDO: All black lives matter

Even if one doesn’t believe the fetus has personhood, simply the fact that black women have far more abortions — irrespective of income — should startle.

LIZARDO: Why Hirsi Ali should come

One need not agree with everything Ayaan Hirsi Ali says to agree that her voice makes a valuable contribution to advancing the open exchange of ideas on this campus.

LIZARDO: Fight the Durflation!

You’ve stepped into Durfee’s. You’ve seen the prices. And you’ve walked out saddened, annoyed, maybe even depressed. You became distressed either because you walked out […]

LIZARDO: Jon Huntsman recklessly overlooked

This election season, Republican primary voters have demonstrated their utter fickleness and absolute uncertainty about what they want. After the rise of the Tea Party, […]