Rebecca Dana
Alleging abuse, transsexual employee struggles to fit in

Erin Emily Dwyer likes the sound of her first two names. She should; she picked them herself 10 months ago. Eleven months ago, she was […]

Program urges students to examine their bodies

Jacqueline Farber ’03 cares about your testicles. And as a coordinator of Yale’s Peer Health Educators, she spent thousands of University dollars to make sure […]

Threat still feels distant to Yalies

While the nation convulses at the thought of bioterrorists commandeering its junk mail, it is business as usual at Yale Station. An hour from closing […]

GSA to discuss renewing charter

On the top floor of the Graduate and Professional Student Center, the Graduate and Professional Student Senate met Wednesday night in an oval, in a […]

Amid tercentennial celebration, students slowly learn about U.S. attack

It was 2:45 p.m. on Old Campus, three hours before the Counting Crows started to play, just over two hours after the United States began […]

Child Study Center director loses battle with cancer

Donald J. Cohen MED ’66, Sterling professor of child psychiatry and the director of the Yale Child Study Center, died Tuesday morning after a yearlong […]

David Berry ’80

His friends say David Berry ’80 was the world’s most avid consumer of Dr. Pepper and Saltine crackers. His wife says it was his “major […]

PanGeos rotates, sending tastes across campus, around world

For the 2001 Yale Dining Services’ customer satisfaction survey, the third most-popular write-in answer to the question, “What do we do that you hope we […]

Terror creeps into the banal on Yale’s campus

The reminders are everywhere now. Sitting on Cross Campus: away from televisions, frisbee idle. (Cell phone, just in case). Waiting for ice cream: vanilla or […]

Shock of nation’s worst terrorist attack ripples through stunned campus

It was a lovely evening, warm but ruffled by a cool breeze, without a trace of humidity. Candles flickered in a thousand outstretched hands and […]

New leases trying to stub out cigarettes

Albert DeSisto is not one to pick a fight. He is a stoop-dweller, as new to Yale as freshmen, and for the past week he […]