Raphael Shapiro
Media center powers up

A few blocks from campus at 135 College St., a complex system of broadcast technology is whirring to life. Technicians are putting the finishing touches […]

MoMA features Eli

NEW YORK — As the sun shines through the tall glass windows onto the third floor of the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, museum-goers […]

Experts endorse candidates

For the Roosevelt Institution last night, it was all about the issues. Partisan experts from both sides of the political aisle lined up to support […]

CEO Lazarus stresses branding

Chances are, most Elis have bought a product marketed by Shelly Lazarus. Coca-Cola is pretty hard to miss. Berkeley College Master Marvin Chun hosted Lazarus, […]

Times reporter returns

For Anahad O’Connor ’03, New York Times reporter, columnist and author, Thursday’s Ezra Stiles College Master’s Tea was a long-awaited homecoming. “This is an event […]

First Muslim admissions officer settles in

The University in late August welcomed its first Muslim admissions officer into the fold. Amin Abdul-Malik, a new associate dean of admissions, comes to the […]

‘Bro’-cial network to debut

“Social, athletic, upwardly mobile” young men — “bros,” to some — looking for a venue to share stories of weekend revelries and exchange tips on […]

Physicist Bennett dies

William R. Bennett Jr., former Yale professor, master of Silliman College and groundbreaking physicist, died June 29 of esophageal cancer at his home in Haverford, […]