Raisa Bruner

A SWUG — a Senior Washed Up Girl — should be the modern young feminist ideal. But for SWUGs like myself, that’s not quite how it pans out.

A long march to commencement

This May, Brett Smith ’12 will walk through Phelps Gate with the graduating class of 2012. But nine years ago, a doctor told his family […]

The Physical Level

At the bottom of Stair 96, in the steamy, labyrinthine bowels of Payne Whitney Gymnasium, there’s a sign scotch-taped to the wall: “SPINNING CLASS THIS […]

Yalies talk TED

On Saturday morning, the first ever TEDxYale conference will kick off in the auditorium of Sheffield Sterling Strathcona Hall, tying Yale to a brand famous […]

If You Give a Girl a Cookie…

Every cookie has a story. This is the story of the peanut butter cookie I ate in the early morning hours last Wednesday: In 2003, […]

Old Campus, New History

  There was once a little house here, in the middle of Old Campus. It builds itself in my mind. Then a garden and a […]

“I had never heard of ‘Islam’ before.”

I had never heard of “Islam” before. That was the least of my concerns: at that moment, I was more worried about getting to my […]

M. CREW | Y150 race too close to call

Both the lightweight and heavyweight first varsity boats took first this past weekend, but only the latter claimed a cup. The top heavyweight boat defeated […]

M. CREW | Bulldogs win third straight

The heavyweight and lightweight crew teams continued a winning streak with first-place finishes over Penn, Columbia and Cornell this past weekend. The heavyweights won three […]

Goldberg shares laughs, insights

Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t shy away from speaking out or being herself; in fact, she has made a successful lifelong career of refusing to conform. On […]

M. CREW | Bulldogs sweep races

Despite the rough conditions and choppy waters, both the men’s lightweight and heavyweight crew teams swept their races over the weekend in their second competition […]