A long march to commencement

This May, Brett Smith ’12 will walk through Phelps Gate with the graduating class of 2012. But nine years ago, a doctor told his family that Smith would not graduate at all. Early in the morning on Jan. 17, 2003, Smith — then a freshman on the football team — and eight other Yale students […]


The Physical Level

At the bottom of Stair 96, in the steamy, labyrinthine bowels of Payne Whitney Gymnasium, there’s a sign scotch-taped to the wall: “SPINNING CLASS THIS WAY” it instructs cheerily, and a scribbled red arrow points down the hallway. In the opposite direction, the loud thumping bass of techno music reverberates throughout the heavyweight crew team’s […]


Yalies talk TED

On Saturday morning, the first ever TEDxYale conference will kick off in the auditorium of Sheffield Sterling Strathcona Hall, tying Yale to a brand famous for working to spark curious minds around the world. Yale is not the first university to host a TEDx event. Whereas the well-known Technology Entertainment and Design conferences have been […]


If You Give a Girl a Cookie…

Every cookie has a story. This is the story of the peanut butter cookie I ate in the early morning hours last Wednesday: In 2003, a University of Pennsylvania student launched a late-night cookie-delivery enterprise to satisfy college students’ sweet teeth while indulging their preferences for minimal exertion and maximum intake of midnight calories. “When […]

Small Talk

Old Campus, New History

There was once a little house here, in the middle of Old Campus. It builds itself in my mind. Then a garden and a chimney and a pig in the yard. I blink and narrow my eyes: the sidewalks dissolve into dirt; the solid hulking towers of Bingham and Durfee and Vanderbilt crumble away. I […]

Personal Essay

“I had never heard of ‘Islam’ before.”

I had never heard of “Islam” before. That was the least of my concerns: at that moment, I was more worried about getting to my new school in my new state on time even as I wasted precious morning minutes watching the CNN footage. The smoke billowing from the buildings looked like special effects in […]


M. CREW | Y150 race too close to call

Both the lightweight and heavyweight first varsity boats took first this past weekend, but only the latter claimed a cup. The top heavyweight boat defeated Cornell and Princeton on the Housatonic to win the Carnegie Cup Saturday, while the Y150 first varsity finished in an even tie with Dartmouth for the Durand Cup on the […]

M. CREW | Bulldogs win third straight

The heavyweight and lightweight crew teams continued a winning streak with first-place finishes over Penn, Columbia and Cornell this past weekend. The heavyweights won three of five races on Saturday, while the Y150 won seven of nine races over the weekend. “In this league it’s so difficult to come away from a regatta with universal […]

Goldberg shares laughs, insights

Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t shy away from speaking out or being herself; in fact, she has made a successful lifelong career of refusing to conform. On Tuesday afternoon, the actress, activist, comedian and author entertained a crowd of about 200 students, selected by lottery, at a packed Master’s Tea in the Calhoun dining hall. Goldberg never […]


M. CREW | Bulldogs sweep races

Despite the rough conditions and choppy waters, both the men’s lightweight and heavyweight crew teams swept their races over the weekend in their second competition of the season. The lightweights defeated MIT and Georgetown on the Charles River in Cambridge, Mass., taking the Joy Cup. And the heavyweights hosted Dartmouth on the nearby Housatonic, where […]