Ahn: Why we filed the Title IX complaint

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SOM students advise Yale cops

The Yale Police Department is rebranding itself based on changes recommended by a team of four Yale School of Management students. Seeking to improve students’ perceptions of campus safety, the University courted talent at the School of Management instead of employing professional consultants last spring, said University Deputy Secretary Martha Highsmith, who oversees Yale security. […]


Ahn: One year later, 40 years back

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For Sex Week at Yale, pullout method fails

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Peabody events attract more New Haven families than Yalies

The auditorium on the Peabody’s third floor was filled to capacity for “Atka the Wolf,” a presentation by the Wolf Conservation Center. The talk, which sought to dispel negative myths about wolves while raising environmental awareness, featured an Arctic wolf who serves as an animal “ambassador” for the WCC. “We’re trying not to become a […]


My Yale – Not Such Chabad Day

On a Friday evening in February, the narrow green door of a house on Edgewood Street swings open and shut. Just inside stands a dark-haired man, his hands at his pockets, who gives out a hearty greeting with every swing of the door: “Shabbat shalom, everyone! Shabbat shalom.” The man is Rabbi Shua Rosenstein (“Rabbi […]

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Shopping, period

THE STARVING ARTIST Art $600/Term When people say that beauty is pain, you tend to assume they’re referring to something along the lines of that waxing job you got last weekend to take the hair off your back. Apparently, though, the beauty = pain equation also refers to the Yale Art major — beauty being […]

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