Phoebe Liu
Staff Reporter
Phoebe Liu was a Public Editor for the Managing Board of 2023 and Managing Editor for the Managing Board of 2022. She previously covered the School of Music as a staff reporter. Phoebe graduated from Trumbull College with a degree in Statistics & Data Science and was an Education Studies Scholar and Yale Journalism Scholar.
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School of Music professor re-interprets Beethoven’s “Fidelio”

A group of singers wearing yellow jumpsuits stomp and sing on a platform above an orchestra. They pound their fists as they stand behind a […]

Four YSM alums recognized at Grammys

Television coverage of the Grammy Awards usually focuses on popular music categories, such as “Record of the Year” or “Album of the Year.” But the […]

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Brentano presents F minor program

Composer Felix Mendelssohn wrote his “String Quartet in F minor” in a state of intense mourning following the death of his sister Fanny. Two months […]

Philharmonia to honor Beethoven’s birth

A full orchestra and choir sit on the stage of Woolsey Hall. Of the 150 performers, only the pianist moves to break the silence. An […]

School of Music faculty member writes book on creative career strategy

Students come to the office of Astrid Baumgardner, the coordinator of career strategies at the Yale School of Music, for more than merely career advice […]

Courtesy of David Perlman
Hamid Al-Saadi and Safaafir perform the Iraqi maqam

A row of musicians with strings and percussion — including instruments like a joza, santoor, doumbek, riq and naqqarah — play a steady backdrop of […]

Yale alumni nominated for classical music Grammy awards

Yale alumni will be well represented at this month’s upcoming Grammy Awards, boasting 11 nominations across six of the Awards’ seven classical music categories. In […]

Low Strung presents “Snow Strung”

From thundering bass notes to high, soaring melodies, the cello boasts the widest pitch range of commonly played string instruments. While most cellists play music […]

Horszowski Trio to perform at Sprague Hall

In the opening of Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich’s Second Piano Trio in E minor, a bleak cello melody resounds through the hall, evoking an image […]

Philharmonia to perform Debussy, Weber and Rimsky-Korsakov

The Sultan Schahriar, convinced that all women are unfaithful, vowed to kill each of his wives after the first night of marriage. But one of […]

Yale Concert Band and Coast Guard Band to perform

Although works written for concert band often last no longer than 10–15 minutes, the Yale Concert Band will join forces with the United States Coast […]

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