Phil Fortino
Senior Columnist: Phil Fortino

As a columnist for the Yale Daily News, I filled a niche — I was the conservative one. In considering what I would write in […]

Frivolity could undermine the noble ADA

The Supreme Court this week certified two cases that question the breadth of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Insofar as the holding of the Court, […]

Hill’s done nothing; bring in John McCain

A representative from Arizona Sen. John McCain’s office contacted the organizers of the petition protesting the selection of Sen. Hillary Clinton as Class Day speaker, […]

Can money talk? Donations are not free speech

Every time the Senate debates campaign finance reform, Democratic Senator Fritz Hollings of South Carolina introduces a Constitutional amendment that would exempt campaign contributions from […]

Scandalitas: Bush takes it on the chin

Oh, the Democrats are getting antsy dreaming about 2002. Over the past two weeks, the out-of-power party — wait, that feels good, let me say […]

Something for Congress to investigate

I write to tell you about a conspiracy more insidious than the Clinton pardons. I may be discriminated against for what I say here, but […]

Good Clinton, Evil Clinton conspire in pardons

I wish Bill Clinton would go hibernate somewhere, so I wouldn’t have to keep writing about him. As much as I agree with President George […]

Coming together on campaign finance reform

Politics is perception. Nowhere is this popular maxim truer than in the case of campaign finance reform. Overall, there is startlingly scant evidence to suggest […]

Bush aims to help minorities, if they’ll let him

Throughout the fall campaign, the Democrats paid great lip service to the ideal of inclusion. Al Gore planned to create a big tent under which […]

Refocusing the RU-486 debate at Yale

On Monday, the Yale community was shocked or delighted to learn Yale will be offering the morning-after pill RU-486 to students and staff under its […]