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Yale professor Daniel Spielman receives Held Prize for influential mathematics proof

Daniel Spielman, Sterling professor of computer science and professor of statistics and data science and of mathematics, received the Michael and Sheila Held Prize for […]

Researchers construct a single-molecule electret with functional memory

A group of researchers has verified the existence of a single-molecule electret, a device that could serve as a non-volatile memory unit and lead to […]

Yale and Tata create a more secure platform for sharing data offline

Yale researchers collaborated with Tata Consultancy Services to design a data-sharing infrastructure for environments with no internet access. Brought together by the Yale-Tata alliance, Yale […]

YLS faculty organize community voting outreach event

New Haveners and Yalies convened on Loomis Place Sunday evening to write letters to voters in an effort to increase turnout for the Nov. 3 […]

Undergraduates in research labs adapt to remote work

Many undergraduate students who are not living on campus are continuing to participate in remote STEM research at Yale and are confronting unique challenges in […]