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OPEN TABS: Six Credits, Six Feet Under

To be fair, I didn’t go into course registration planning to take all six credits. I had taken five classes last semester and was having […]

Professor, ex-Little League Coach and Queen of the Gnomes — how does HOC Gonzalez do it all?

I had scarcely ventured further than the Davenport dining hall before this interview, and was left locked out and wandering around the courtyard at the time we were slated to meet. Moments before my finger hit send on a cry for help, I spotted a briskly walking woman with a thermos in hand heading towards me. 

OPEN TABS: Death of the “women in STEM”

I’ve felt guilty ever since I dropped my engineering major. I’ve been involved in the STEM world since middle school. I still can’t speak about science without romanticizing it. What was promised to me was the world — from the fossils underground to the furthest galaxies — and coming to understand it if I could look hard enough. Scientists and technologists embrace their roles as a mighty, ever-expanding search for knowledge. I wanted to be at the frontier of something important.

OPEN TABS: Time travel

This fall, I read an article written 10 years ago. It included a quote from a college student torn between banking and opening a restaurant. […]

Undergraduate medieval studies journal Vexillum returns to Yale

The revamped journal will provide opportunities for undergraduates to engage with Medieval Studies.

Do you know California’s capital?

Judging by the number of Yalies who can’t point to Sacramento on a map, we need to offer a new course on elementary geography next […]

You Might Be On My Hitlist

Before you get the wrong idea, I’m not out to kill anyone.  It’s more of a game than a list. Remember when you got onto […]

Don’t ignore the common room piano

My problem with Yale’s pianos is that they don’t get played. I was sitting in the Silliman common room a few weeks ago, doing my anthropology readings and waiting for the dining hall to open. It was dead quiet. Everyone was engrossed in their work — headphones in and marooned on isolated couches.