Nora Caplan-Bricker
Q&A | Iraq auditor Stuart Bowen

QIs this work rewarding? AYes. The oversight philosophy — to generate audits rapidly to give managers info they need to correct the course they’re on […]

‘Lydia’ combines magic, realism, love

The new show at the Yale Repertory Theatre, Octavio Solis’ “Lydia,” directed by Juliette Carrillo, blends harsh realities about love, sex, betrayal and family with […]

Recalling Rudolph

With the eyes of the architectural community focused on Rudolph’s controversial and revolutionary buildings, the Yale School of Architecture held a two-day symposium called “Reassessing […]

Professors weigh in on speech

Contributing Reporter Nora Caplan-Bricker asked eminent Yale professors Bryan Garsten, Stuart Gottlieb and Charles Hill for their analyses of President Obama’s inaugural speech. They expressed […]

John DeFrancis, 97, Chinese language scholar, is dead

Eminent Chinese language scholar and professor emeritus at University of Hawaii John DeFrancis ’33 died Jan. 2 in Hawaii. He was 97. DeFrancis authored a […]

At Psi U, even sisters can be brothers

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. On Friday evening, the brothers of Psi U gathered in a suite in […]

Ritzy Harvard alumni magazine folds; Yale spin-off likely scrapped

Many Yalies are familiar with the depictions of the lives of the rich and famous on the show “Beverly Hills 90210,” but few realize that […]

Few schools use new app

The latest arrival on the college application scene, the Universal College Application, is looking for new member schools — but so far, Yale doesn’t plan […]

Affable ‘Ambassadors’

Some people get paid $9.25 an hour just to brighten your day. While the New Haven Police Department may have recently increased its focus on […]

On the Ground: Elis call new Facebook ‘messy,’ ‘flustering’

“Susie is this new facebook blows,” Facebook Mini Feeds across campus read this week. Or: “Dan joined the group 1,000,000 strong against the new facebook.” […]