Noah Cohan
NFL still strives for real QB diversity

After a week of media furor, ESPN faced the music. Put before the harsh eye of the camera, the faces on Sunday NFL Countdown were […]

Earth to Belichick: when in doubt, go with Vinatieri

Hey Bill! Boring Bill Belichick! Remember Adam Vinatieri? You know, your kicker! Remember how he won you the Super Bowl? Know how he is one […]

A rebirth for Mike Holmgren

Watch out league, the football genius is back. You know, that portly fellow who revived a nation of cheeseheads. The spectacled offensive guru who turned […]

Homesick Eagles missing their Vet

The Philadelphia Eagles are in a serious funk. Their offense isn’t clicking. Their defense isn’t ferocious. And their special teams are most definitely not special. […]

Milloy, Bills form stellar defense

Never underestimate the importance of a good introduction. In the business world that means a well-prepared resume, a firm handshake and a nice suit. But […]

NFL dances into town

Hear that noise? That low rumble in the distance? That’s the sound of NFL football bursting out of its offseason backfield to smack you out […]

Secret diary of a WNBA convert

Back into the swing of school, you’d think I’d be writing about the NFL. You’d assume that I’d be spewing forth extraneous adjectives about how […]

For Mel’s sake, please watch the NFL draft

Tomorrow, at high noon, the 2003 NFL draft will begin. Last year I wrote four columns about the draft. But after hearing one too many […]

That’s Bull. Freedom to disagree

God Bless America. God Bless America, where Dale Petroskey gets lambasted. By movie stars, and those who dislike and disagree with those movie stars. By […]

Williams will be back, but likely with UNC

Half an hour before game-time and she was vacuuming. Since she had been counting the minutes until tip-off since Saturday night, it’s not surprising that […]

It’s time to move back 3-point line

One of the recurring themes of this and every season’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament is the importance of the 3-point shot. Over and over, the […]