ASIMOW: Student first, athlete second

On Saturday, legions of Yale undergraduates will awake at heretofore-unseen hours of the morning. They will meander over to their minifridges, reluctantly pull out the […]

ASIMOW: Why tennis matters

Last Sunday, Roger Federer defeated Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open final to claim his 18th major tennis title and reaffirm his status as the best player in the history of the sport. It was an amazing moment in sports, and you … well … you probably slept right through it.

ASIMOW: Just another award for Michael Jordan

On Nov. 22, President Barack Obama presented Michael Jordan with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

ASIMOW: America’s newest sport

For many, American life revolves around the four major professional sports leagues in the United States. You are probably familiar with them.

ASIMOW: My World Series night at Wrigley

I love the Cubs because I get to ride my bike through crowds of day-drinking superfans before every game. I love the Cubs because watching games at Wrigley made me an Ivy Leaguer long before I came to Yale. And most importantly, I love the Cubs because I can urinate in a trough in any bathroom on the stadium’s main concourse.

ASIMOW: Learn from the past, change the present

This past Saturday, the Yale football team defeated Dartmouth, 21–13, for its first win of the season. Head coach Tony Reno breathed a sigh of […]

ASIMOW: God and Dee Gordon

I don’t believe in God. But then something like Dee Gordon’s home run off Bartolo Colón happens and I can’t be so sure anymore. Almost […]