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Nicole Rodriguez currently serves as a Science and Technology editor for the Yale Daily News. She previously covered the Astronomy Department, intramurals and Crew as a staff reporter. Originally from New York, she is a sophomore in Benjamin Franklin majoring in economics.
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Yale-Harvard Regatta returns after three-year hiatus

The Race returns for its 155th iteration after two consecutive cancelations due to the pandemic.

CREW: All three crews win; women and lightweights sweep

At Gilder, the women’s crew competed against Radcliffe and Northeastern while heavyweights raced Princeton and Cornell. In Hanover, lightweights faced Dartmouth.

Sotheby’s to auction 1852 Yale-Harvard regatta trophy oars

The oars were presented to the winning Harvard crew by General Franklin Pierce, the then-future U.S. President, in 1852 and were rediscovered approximately 30 years ago in Medford, MA.

CREW: All three crews take home cups

On Saturday, the women’s crew competed against Princeton at Gilder Boathouse and the men’s crews traveled down to Philadelphia to race Penn and Columbia.

CREW: Lightweights sweep; women and heavyweights secure trophies 

As the spring season continues, Yale crews secure two trophies and place first in a multitude of races against different colleges.

Yale astronomer leads team in the study of an ultra-hot Jupiter

In a recently published study, an international collaboration of astronomers studied the atmosphere of an exoplanet similar in size and mass to Jupiter but with significant differences in surface temperatures.

Yale researchers study gaps in the world’s biodiversity maps

In a recent study, Yale researchers identified how well the world’s biodiversity is documented in various regions. Filling these data gaps will aid in future environmental conservation efforts.

An illustrated map of the world.
CREW: Yale crew members who rowed in Tokyo reflect on Olympics

In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Yale Crew was represented by three rowers. This past summer, 11 current and graduated students rowed in Tokyo Bay, with a bronze and gold medalist amongst them.

The New Zealand rowers celebrate their gold.
IMs adapt to a socially distanced semester and TD wins the Tyng Cup

As a result of public health restrictions, intramurals adapted to Yale’s COVID-19 safety precautions. Despite the regulations, the intramural season successfully concluded with Timothy Dwight […]

Timothy Dwight College wins 2021 Tyng Cup

Despite low player turnout this spring, intramurals culminated successfully on Tuesday with the final round of knockout. After finishing the fall season with a 83-point lead and the spring season with a 95-point lead over Saybrook College, Timothy Dwight College won the 2020-2021 Tyng Cup, six years after their last victory.

Yale researcher among astronomers peering into the surroundings of M87’s black hole

Using data gathered by the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration in 2017, astronomers have explored the role of magnetic fields in the formation of relativistic jets emitted from the center of active galaxies.