BRODSKY, LEVINE, VILLANO: Occupy emphasizes moral decisions

Boston club accused of racism

Boston may investigate the closure of a Harvard-Yale party the weekend of The Game at which many of the predominantly black attendees were barred from entering the venue. Three Harvard graduate students had booked the venue, Cure Lounge, after the Harvard-Yale football game Nov. 20. The club shut the party down when it became clear […]


Black Harvard-Yale alumni party shut down

A group of predominantly black Harvard and Yale alumni and graduate students was rejected from the Cure Lounge in Boston, Mass. after the Harvard-Yale football game Saturday. As a line of Elis and Cantabs in cocktail attire gathered outside the club, the venue refused to admit attendees without a Harvard or Yale ID. In response, […]


Reach Out popular, but not subsidized

Reach Out, the student-run program that sends Yale students on service trips abroad, sends about as many students abroad as Yale does during the academic year. Though Reach Out will send roughly 160 students abroad this year, Yale does not subsidize its trips and the organization struggles with funding, its presidents say. The trips can […]


Hardt waxes theoretical on revolution

Marxist political and literary theorist Michael Hardt came to Yale Monday to spark revolution — not with petitions or protests, but with the work of French philosopher Michel Foucault. Chair of the literature department at Duke University, Hardt was invited by the Department of Comparative Literature to give a talk entitled “Militancy Beyond Critique: Foucault […]


Harvard admins release tailgate rules for the Game

On Monday, Harvard administrators released official regulationsfor tailgating at the Yale-Harvard football game Nov. 20 in Cambridge. Harvard has bannedliquor, kegs and drinking paraphernalia from the game’s tailgate. Drinking games that promote “rapid consumption of alcohol” and commercial vehicles such as U-Haul trucks are also prohibited. The rules also dictate a two-hourwindowduring which students may […]


Black and white and grey all over

Every semester, professors run their well-worn, dog-eared copies of copyrighted books through copiers and scanners to reproduce readings for their students. They are allowed to do this under the doctrine of fair use, a provision of the Copyright Act of 1976, which allows teachers to reproduce copyrighted material for their students, includes a provision on […]


TYCO prepares for shift in business in coming years

About five years ago, Michael Iannuzzi, owner and president of TYCO Copying and Printing on Elm Street, began to notice a shift in his business. [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”6228″ ] Ten percent of Iannuzzi’s business comes from printing the course packets many Yale professors use to distribute readings for their classes. But Iannuzzi said he increasingly sees […]