Football has parity. So what?

In line with the rest of the world’s infatuation with one-stop shopping, the sports industry has turned to single metrics to quantify success. In baseball, there has been the rise of OPS in evaluating a batter; in football, there’s passer rating. Despite these efforts, there is still a struggle to quantify the success of an […]

A historic Sunday on deck in NFL

The biggest story leading up to Super Bowl XLI is not that Peyton Manning will finally get a chance to silence his critics or that the game features two historic franchises that haven’t won in far too long. Rather, it is that this year marks the first time in NFL history that one of the […]

Giants’ Tiki is clearly worthy of Canton

When the New York Giants drafted Tiki Barber, they could never have expected him to produce the way that he did. In his 10-year career, the Virginia graduate rewrote the Giants’ record books. He compiled all-purpose yardage at a rate comparable to the best backs in the history of the game. And yet the question […]

Cold War-era patriotism is long forgotten

Amid the clatter and commotion of last Thursday night’s fencing match versus NYU, I noticed something you don’t often see on collegiate uniforms: Emblazoned across the backs of some Yale fencers was “USA.” Diana Schawlowski, from Germany, and some of the other non-American fencers had the names of their own countries written in faded letters […]

’07 wins it for football, Allain may for hockey

Ivy League Champions! It’s a phrase attached to Yale teams less frequently than some would like. So, to those members of the 2006 football team, congratulations are due. On the Wednesday before The Game, I argued that the team’s seniors could make a lasting impression on the Yale football family by instilling a winning attitude […]

OK, so The Game might still matter

As of last Thursday or Friday, I would have told you that there was a new “Game” in town, that Harvard didn’t really matter, and that, because of new tailgating regulations and Yale’s chance to clinch a share of the Ivy League title at home, there wasn’t even any need to go to Cambridge this […]

Armstrong’s finish proves dedication

Lance Armstrong has made a career of setting goals and achieving them. Actually, Lance Armstrong has made a life out of this process. When doctors told Armstrong that cancer was invading his organs, he designated a very simple target — recovery — and achieved it. So it comes as no surprise that on Sunday in […]

The science and the art of the fake

The play is called “Hard to Kings Right Idaho Yellow.” On paper, it’s a play action pass with the tight end dragging from the backside at about five yards. The twin receivers split out to the play side and run a smash-route pattern, with the slot receiver running a deep corner route and the split […]

Team sports: Just make everyone do it

“This is what college sports should be like. These are student-athletes,” proclaimed the father of a Yale club hockey left wing on Saturday night. The students I saw skating clearly had mixed levels of experience, natural talent and competitive drive. But they were all out on a Saturday night at 8:30 playing in front of […]

The countless walks of Yale’s sporting life

It’s been dubbed the “Cathedral of Sport,” with its Gothic tower soaring characteristically above the New Haven skyline. Payne Whitney Gymnasium is to athletics what Sterling Memorial Library is to books. In the entrance foyer, there is the cool of dark green marble and an eerie silence. But around each corner and down every long […]

Yankees will win the World

You can smell it in the air. The mercury is dropping. The leaves are turning. Fall has arrived. It’s October, and for some of us that means one thing: Major League Baseball playoffs. Which also means that I will not bore you with my usual isn’t-it-great-that-this or it’s-too-bad-that-that. Nope, what follows is a series of […]