Nicholas Stephanopoulos
For progressive lawyers, time for a new message

Two weeks ago, many of the finest legal thinkers in the country gathered at Yale Law School to discuss the Constitution in 2020. Their task, […]

The route to a progressive Constitution, with a stop in the Elm City

During the final year of the Reagan Administration, the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Policy published two remarkable documents. One, titled “The Constitution in […]

Dems’ bind: give Bush credit on Middle East?

For many people who opposed President Bush’s re-election, myself included, foreign policy was the single most important reason for our opposition. We believed that Bush […]

Do today’s Ivies live up to their reputations?

My friend Ross Douthat has a column in the current Atlantic Monthly about his experience as an undergraduate at Harvard. According to Douthat, college life […]

On foreign policy may, take a left to go right

What will world politics look like over the next few decades? Will the United States be able to retain the dominant geopolitical position that it […]

By way of the Supreme Court, a death sentence for fair sentencing

Imagine that Johnny, hard up on cash, decides to rob a bank along with a few buddies. While his associates watch the doors and man […]

Post-election, time to rethink redistricting

America’s electoral system has many features that its backers would call quirks, but that its critics would describe as grave flaws. The Electoral College focuses […]

Getting the real America to the voting booth

Once it became clear that President Bush had been re-elected, the soul-searching and backbiting began almost immediately within the Democratic Party. Some characterized the party’s […]

Exorcism in the Bay State, on field and off

Growing up in Boston, I learned at an early age the iron laws of Massachusetts baseball and politics. The Red Sox never win the World […]

How candidates play the game says more than any stump speech

here are many ways to run a campaign and many ways for a candidate to convince people to vote for him. First, a candidate can […]

Defending tribunals behind enemy line

During my first year at Yale Law, the entire school was abuzz about the War on Terror cases that were then moving up through the […]