Nathan Steinberg
STEINBERG: Look to Brewster

No president had a better vision for Yale and its purpose than Kingman Brewster.

STEINBERG: A Green for everyone

Just over a year ago, the New Haven Green cleared its benches of the Elm City’s homeless population with the enforcement of a nightly 10 p.m. curfew.

STEINBERG: Burst the physical bubble

Imagine trekking across this campus as an outsider.

STEINBERG: Exporting charity

Charity must come from an understanding that compassion and altruism are the most essential ingredients of service.

STEINBERG: Real talk on real estate

Here in New Haven, the upscale transformation of Broadway may indicate that our city is adopting a Worcester-like approach to business development.

STEINBERG: Divided and conquered

You don’t need a degree in urban design to realize that the Oak Street Connector did more to disconnect local communities than to reunite them. But LiveWorkLearnPlay’s vision is not a fitting correction for this problem.

STEINBERG: For fewer adjuncts

University administrations must understand that replacing tenured positions with adjunct appointments is harmful to academic freedom, student learning and professor well-being.

STEINBERG: Stay home, Yale

Yale’s tradition is not an object to be packaged and shipped across the Pacific. An imitation of the Yale atmosphere is incomplete without its New England environs, the brisk autumnal winds or the Gothic spires.

STEINBERG: Crime in the Elm City

Those of us living behind walls on campus put urban crime on the back burner and fail to realize that it may be closer to us than we think.

STEINBERG: From Nuland, to us

On Mar. 4, 2014, Professor Sherwin Nuland passed away at his home in Hamden. I would like to share a piece of advice he offered me late last year.