Nancy Levy
A senior’s review of undergraduate classes

Yale asks its students to cough up quite a bit of money every semester. We come to Yale as bright-eyed freshmen, expecting that we’ll milk […]

No money for Class Day? No problem, I’ll speak

Sometime between Bill Clinton’s speech and the giant inflatable bulldog at the Yale Bowl, my roommate Jenny started worrying about Yale’s bank account. She feared […]

The temporary unemployment of a humor columnist

When I took on a position as a Yale Daily News columnist, I decided that my pieces would be “humorous, somewhat apolitical, but always relating […]

Who needs secret societies anyway? I’ll be a princess when I grow up

So recently, I was interviewed by a wannabe-Skull and Bones society that in the end decided not to tap me. The rejection destroyed my Ally […]

Top five reasons why I belong on ‘Survivor’

I’m going to level with all of you. I didn’t work like a banshee to get into Yale just so I could throw away opportunities. […]

Premus Medicus, the most reviled species at Yale, lurks in weenie bins

Of course I was excited to be asked to write a column about pre-med life at Yale. Ever since “Sex and the City” aired, I’ve […]