You Are a Princess! – Second Place, Wallace Prize for Nonfiction

This morning, Joan Genest’s first order of business is piggy toes. “What’s he doing these days, besides sleeping?” Rene, Joan’s husband, directs his question at Marcus’s parents. Assessing Marcus’s infant abilities is crucial to planning the session. “Is he sitting?” He is. “Crawling, walking, riding bikes, doing complex math problems?” Rene’s joking now, but the […]


Personal Essay – Ace

He was not attractive. We did not care. “He looks like a turtle,” said my friend Sara. “And I love him.” [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”310″ ] The roundness of his head, the delicate beaky point of his upper lip — it was true. He also had rimless glasses, and a rust-brown mole the size of a jellybean […]

Short Feature

SCENE COVER | Yale in pop culture, from Gatsby to Gossip Girl

“Lost in Translation” opens with the soft pink sunrise of Scarlett Johannson’s ass. It is a Yale ass. [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”11208″ ] Lots of things about Charlotte, Johannson’s character, remain mysterious. Why is she married when she looks about 19? Why are her sweaters so lumpy and unflattering? And what is she going to do with […]


FEMA to assess state storm damage this week

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will arrive in Connecticut today to begin assessing damage from the weekend’s storm. From a base in Hartford, FEMA’s Preliminary Damage Assessment Team will begin to quantify the losses suffered by municipalities, businesses and individuals in Connecticut. FEMA’s arrival follows Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s Tuesday request for FEMA assistance. Rell […]


Snow hampers track teams’ competitions

Let it snow? Well, maybe not. It’s a fine sentiment for cozy evenings, less so for track meets. While they may have been three states apart, Bulldogs at both the Colonial Relays and the Princeton Invitational faced cold weather — in fact, officials at the Colonial Relays cancelled Saturday’s events due to the snow on […]

Blood drive a universal win

Three months after the Bulldogs’ victory on the football field, Yalies also triumphed in a more charitable pursuit: the third annual Harvard-Yale blood drive challenge. During the drive, which lasted from Feb. 5 to 8, the American Red Cross at Yale collected 319 pints of blood, setting a new record for Yalies’ blood drive efforts. […]