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Zink: Vote for all three

The News has been suffering from a distinct lack of discussion of the candidates for the Democratic nomination for Ward 1 alderman. Every day, I […]

Zink: Economy = skiing

A digest of recent top stories from CNN and MSNBC: Jupiter’s Great Red Spot might be disappearing, having shrunken by 15 percent in the past […]

Zink: Harness volcano power!

Lots of Yalies tuned in to watch President Obama address Congress this Tuesday, but I was more interested in what happened afterward. Louisiana Gov. Bobby […]

Zink: Save the cuties

If you happen to be reading this article over a piece of dining hall tilapia, then hold up: You may be about to sink your […]

Zink: In defense of nemeses

This is what a medieval joust looks like today: Two students, armed with the vague sensation that they are acquaintances, approach one another from opposite […]

Zink: OMG, whom did we elect?

In a tableau that was mirrored on countless college campuses, in city streets and suburbs across the country, hundreds of Yalies converged on Old Campus […]

Zink: No STDs, but other dangers in virtual life

In his novel “Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture,” Douglas Coupland coins the term “ultra short-term nostalgia,” defined as the modern feeling of “homesickness […]

Spare the drill, spoil the child

Even in the face of skyrocketing oil prices, some American policy-makers stubbornly refuse to abandon bans on domestic drilling. Rather than tap into the nation’s […]

Zink: Absolut divestment

It is the year 2005. An everyman — let us call him “Jim”— buys a house for $400,000. The house is actually worth $200,000, but […]

Zink: In Palin, proof McCain’s gone soft

There’s nothing complicated about gender politics in America, at least as far as its two main political parties are concerned. Everyone knows that Democrats are […]