Michael Zimmer
Senior Columnist: Michael Zimmer

A real man does not cry. So when I collapse into explosive, blubbering bursts of snotty soul-anguish periodically over the next few days, I am […]

Quelching some rumors, propagating others

Yes children, the end has finally arrived for me. You are witnesses to the last Yale Daily News column that the Fifth Columnist will ever […]

Pooping on speech at Brown, where the ugly people reign

I think the funniest part of the controversy at Ugly Kid School (referred to by some partisans as “Brown University”) involving the David Horowitz ad […]

Analysis of today’s big issues: Vegans, placentas

The problem with being the most influential newspaperman of my generation is that I have to be very choosy about my column topics. Sure, I […]

Exploiting the human psyche for McNuggets and profit

Last week, my introductory psychology class read a book called “Remembering Satan” by Lawrence Wright. I read it too. I mention that not just to […]