Michael Pomeranz
Through ever-shifting world, Yale’s ghosts remain

Dear Professor E., I thought of you during Parents’ Weekend, and not just because my visiting folks kept me from studying. You taught me to […]

Holiday brings out sense of community

Last week I had to write two papers, to sit an exam and to atone. Saturday was Yom Kippur. This likely did not escape your […]

Conservatives shouldn’t fear Obama’s goals

The man who won the job that, years ago, Abraham Lincoln lost to Stephen Douglas, just announced his candidacy for Lincoln’s ultimate office. He, a […]

Obama brings right approach to politics

America is about an idea. Our idea is that in a free polity, people will work for themselves and their community toward the common good. […]

Progressive Muslims seek universal rights

Recently, 12 Muslim reformers, would-be Luthers and armchair imams and mere concerned citizens, signed a manifesto against a New Totalitarianism. The manifesto made claims such […]

U.N.’s double standards favor Third World

Yale Amnesty International’s recent Human Rights Week focusing on the Freedom of Expression did well to add its voice to Yalies’ historical demonstrations for civil […]

Israeli elections force reflection on future

From an American perspective, last Tuesday’s Israeli election contained elements of the bizarre. Israel borders a territory that has just been taken over by a […]