Michael Jones
Jones: Why I won’t seek reelection

Yale students are often chided for their lack of concern for New Haven. Some folks argue that even those who make community service the focus […]

Jones: A better future for public schools

Nathaniel Zelinsky ’13 got it wrong in his column Wednesday (“An empty Promise,” Nov. 10). The New Haven School Change campaign (including the New Haven […]

Jones and Hausladen: Creating a safer community

The last few days have been tough for our community. We have heard from students who have had their perceptions of the New Haven community […]

Jones: Finding the funds

Local government is all about making tough decisions. Unlike the federal government, we can’t run deficits. We must produce a balanced budget every single year. […]

Jones: A green light for red-light cameras

Last Monday, I participated in my first meeting on the Board of Aldermen. When I first studied the agenda, I expected the evening to be […]

Jones: Constructive, realistic ideas for New Haven

New Haven is at a crucial time in its history. As its manufacturing sector continues to decline, our city is attempting to rediscover its identity […]

Jones: Seeking the student seat

Campaigns are about offering competing visions for the office the candidates seek. I think our current aldermanic race is a good example of this, as […]

Jones: The fierce urgency of then and now

The comparison is irresistible. After all, the fierce urgency of then is the fierce urgency of now. America is still in a struggle to reconcile […]

Though unfulfilled, King’s dream still perseveres

Forty years ago today, our nation lost one if its greatest servants. In our contemporary collective consciousness, we recognize the death of the Reverend Dr. […]

Through legislation, Clinton offers real hope

After Barack Obama convincingly won the South Carolina primary, he made a bold statement about the nature of his quest for the Democratic nomination for […]