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HERBERT: Major key alert

I learned that while we are more likely to regret action in the short-term, we regret inaction more in the long-term.

HERBERT: A society of friends

Last year, the Yale College Council and Yale’s various student publications joined together to pioneer a new tradition, the YCC Correspondents’ Dinner.

HERBERT: Bring Jeb!

I hope those responsible for Class Day will consider inviting Jeb Bush.

HERBERT: Yale’s favorite dish

During my term last year as Yale College Council president, the council fought the fights we believed students cared about: adding mental health resources and reforming financial aid are two of the most important ones that come to mind.

HERBERT: What if Jesus went to Yale?

I hope this Lent, we will pause to consider the focus of our Yale experiences, and upon reflection, that we’ll all try to be a little more like Jesus.

HERBERT: Yale’s hidden treasure

To me, classes during Yale shopping period are like the children in the Willy Wonka movie. The courses at the beginning are brimming with hope […]

HERBERT: When Yale stole Christmas

Perhaps no time of the year is quite so distinctive as Christmastime. From shopping malls to neighborhoods, decorations pop up everywhere as communities embrace this […]

HERBERT: No longer Harvard’s Pepsi

History is rich with fierce rivalries and intense hatreds of all kinds, spanning individuals, institutions and fictional characters. Yale University, of course, is no stranger […]

HERBERT: The reverse of Saybrook’s curse

No curse at Yale, however, has been quite so unforgiving and at times bizarre as the one that has ravaged Saybrook for the last three years.

HERBERT: Who let the dogs out?

Campus buzz is often difficult to identify. Yale does not have any regular opinion polling, and the surveys students receive are self-selecting and thus often of dubious value.

HERBERT: Let them drink beer!

You can imagine my immense dismay when I made it through the line to order only to be told that Budweiser and all other alcoholic beverages were unavailable inside the stadium.