Michaela Wang
Contributing Reporter
Michaela Wang is a member of the Class of 2025 in Berkeley College. She majors in Anthropology and is involved in the Education Studies Program. She loves writing about places, Asian America, immigration, and food. You can read her work in the Yale Daily News, the Yale Herald, and her secret diary which she keeps very, very hidden in her room.
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Romanticizing simple living in Mystic, CT

In the last days before first-year move-in, when my dreams of Yale were still fanciful and blurry, I watched Mystic Pizza. The rom-com follows the lives and loves of three young waitresses — Jojo, Kat and her sister Daisy — on the threshold of girlhood. But the main character of the movie is the quaint seafaring town of Mystic, CT itself. The rustic parlor perched atop the hill, where the girls begrudgingly sling pizzas and buss tables. The docks where Jojo spars with her on-and-off-again fiance as his boat pulls out of the canal. The shingle style seaside cottages where Kat prances around with a married architect; the tree-lined, one-lane parkways through which Daisy and her fling drive his daddy’s red Porsche. The place itself is scintillating with the sort of New England life that makes you want to throw on flip flops and head downtown on a Vespa. 

Christian womanhood at Yale

“Oppressed, doesn’t show her ankles, only reads the Bible, is not edgy,” Amelia Dilworth ’23 lists off when I ask her about popular perspectives on […]

The Spot of the Summer: Convenience Stores

I forgot to pack lunch. My friends and I had driven out to a rural part of southern Virginia, and I severely underestimated the amount […]

NONFICTION: 1111 River Road

While the bigger and prettier buildings accommodated the mass exodus of city dwellers seeking out better school systems and lower rent, middle-income Asian immigrants called 1111 River Road home way back since the 50’s. Despite the rapid modernization that enveloped it, 1111 River Road never bothered to remodel, even though it was readily losing value. It stood firm in its dirtied white brick walls, ripping purple rugs, window air conditioners, and underequipped gym. It found confidence in the old ways amidst a changing society, very much like my Dá Dá (grandpa).

Cut Fruit

I wasn’t expecting authenticity at the dining hall’s Chinese New Year dinner. But next to the vessels of artificial almond extract labeled “almond cookies” and […]

Shampoo Eulogy

After a little more than three semesters at Yale, I’ve finally finished my first bottle of shampoo. The end came suddenly, unexpectedly and at first […]

If Every College Major were a Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Product

Not knowing your major as a sophomore at Yale is kind of like walking into Trader Joe’s on a Sunday night half-an-hour before closing. While […]

In Defense of Breakfast

There are two types of students at Yale: the ones who eat breakfast and the ones who don’t. The former meets their body’s natural need […]

WANG: Did we really need that much pasta?

I had already consumed five different types of bread before the real dinner came out. Turkey legs the size of baseball bats were paraded onto […]

Elected officials encourage local shopping this holiday season

As the holiday shopping season approaches, public officials toured New Haven’s stores and called on residents to shop locally.

The Origins and Controversies of ‘Resco’

“Which resco are you in?” I yelled over the deafening chatter of a first-year orientation event. A current sophomore had introduced me to the term […]