McKinsey Crozier
Staff Columnist
McKinsey Crozier is a junior in Timothy Dwight College. Her column, 'Left and Write,' runs on alternate Fridays.
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CROZIER: Student-workers? Worker-students?

On Tuesday, Yale announced its new policy governing student athletes’ abilities to “enter into agreements and engage in activity with external parties that provide compensation […]

CROZIER: Saving the spectacle

On Tuesday evening, the Metropolitan Museum of Art held its first Met Gala since 2019. For me, the gala is an indulgent affair — an […]

CROZIER: Thin blurred line

On April 15, the Civilian Police Oversight Agency in Chicago released bodycam footage of the March 29 shooting of Adam Toledo. He was just 13 […]

CROZIER: Easier than love

“Let’s get a meal sometime!” This phrase echoed through my brain as I received the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine this week. Now vaccinated, […]

CROZIER: Beginning the end

One year ago, the Yale community was met with an email from university administrators that we would be remaining at home for the duration of […]

CROZIER: The debt dilemma

In a town hall on Feb. 16, newly inaugurated President Joe Biden announced that he would buck the will of congressional Democrats by refusing to […]

CROZIER: Democrats’ unsung heroes

In the midst of inauguration fanfare, a photo surfaced on Twitter of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez not with her colleagues on the Capitol lawn but at Costco. […]

CROZIER: Skipping brunch

In 2019, Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman encouraged rural Americans to “get real.” In a column for the New York Times, Krugman listed several problems […]

CROZIER: Pathetic way to be

Last week, my mom tested positive for coronavirus. Or COVID-19. Or Covid. Or SARS-CoV-2. Whatever. Both she and my stepfather are symptomatic, calling me from […]

CROZIER: Toward radical compassion

“Ummmmm please read my professors [sic] email.” As classes have hobbled back into session — on Zoom, in person, and a hybrid — viral tweets […]

The Angle Episode 1: CROZIER: The rural class

Staff columnist McKinsey Crozier discusses rural representation at Yale and the challenges that rural Americans face that often go unnoticed.