Max Lanman
Screenwriter Nolan urges students to follow passions

“Be a lucky person,” screenwriter Jonathan “Jonah” Nolan recalled. That was the advice he and his brother, director Christopher Nolan, received from a famous British […]

Mory’s 2.0: Avoiding the Doodle’s fate

Clinking silverware, hearty laughter and well-suited young men spinning upside-down chalices on their heads have been staples of a typical Saturday night at Mory’s for […]

Wenzel ’04: The athlete, the legend, the sandwich

Alex Berggruen ’10, a weekly consumer of Alpha Delta Pizza’s campus-famous Wenzel sub, said he was introduced to the sandwich when his roommate, Hyatt Bailey […]

Music, movies and a ‘Maestro of the Moment’

The last time Gerald Fried performed at Yale was in August 1956 — at a Duke Ellington concert featuring the jazz legend himself on the […]