Screenwriter Nolan urges students to follow passions

“Be a lucky person,” screenwriter Jonathan “Jonah” Nolan recalled. That was the advice he and his brother, director Christopher Nolan, received from a famous British director about how to enter show business. “When I first heard it, it sounded smug,” Jonah Nolan said. “The more I think about it, the more humility I see contained […]


Mory’s 2.0: Avoiding the Doodle’s fate

Clinking silverware, hearty laughter and well-suited young men spinning upside-down chalices on their heads have been staples of a typical Saturday night at Mory’s for decades. It was by happenstance that Mory’s even became an Eli-only tradition. More than 140 years ago, a group of Yale crew members casually stopped by Frank and Jane Moriarty’s […]


Wenzel ’04: The athlete, the legend, the sandwich

Alex Berggruen ’10, a weekly consumer of Alpha Delta Pizza’s campus-famous Wenzel sub, said he was introduced to the sandwich when his roommate, Hyatt Bailey ’10, ate his first Wenzel and insisted that Berggruen try a bite. Berggruen told Bailey he was not hungry, but his roommate insisted that he try it. He took a […]


Music, movies and a ‘Maestro of the Moment’

The last time Gerald Fried performed at Yale was in August 1956 — at a Duke Ellington concert featuring the jazz legend himself on the piano. Upon mention of the recording of this concert, Fried recalls his part in the show, “That’s me doing the sexy oboe solo in the second movement.” Fifty-two years later, […]