Matthew Klein
Klein: A rose by no other name

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Michael Pomeranz wants to pervert the American ideal. In his view, the problems […]

Counterpoint: Illegal aliens do not deserve state services

When we examine the question of illegal immigration and the provision of city services, there are two important angles to consider: principle and practice. From […]

Sino-Korean border marred by injustice

When I opened the News on Friday morning to the op-ed page and saw a piece titled “Along the border, Chinese pity Koreans,” I knew […]

U.S. must not be blind to China threat

America is not a country that understands revenge. We have never really lost a war and have never truly been humiliated by foreign powers. We […]

Dems fail to grasp basic tenets of humanity

Recently we have heard much about the follies of the current Republican Party and how switching to the Democrats would benefit the country immeasurably, if […]

Morality can prove amorphous

The debate regarding whether it is acceptable for statesmen to use the language of good and evil to persuade citizens of the necessity of a […]