Mathis Bitton
Staff Columnist
Mathis Bitton is a sophomore in Ezra Stiles college. His column, “Through the looking glass,” runs every other Wednesday.
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BITTON: Cultivating innocence

“Yale students are incredibly mature.” I can hardly count the number of times that I have heard this statement, often uttered to celebrate the student […]

BITTON: Plato is infrastructure

“The government should be a referee, not an active player.” These words, uttered by the neoliberal economist Milton Friedman, would have baffled our pre-modern ancestors. […]

BITTON: Mother tongue

Last week, a small group of French politicians, intellectuals and journalists put forward an unexpected proposal: Replace English with Latin as Europe’s official language. At […]

BITTON: Leap of faith

Last week, I learned that a friend of mine was getting married. Ecstatic, I picked up the phone and congratulated her. She sounded happier than […]

BITTON: The post-liberal synthesis

Last week, Senator Mitt Romney proposed an unexpectedly ambitious plan to reform America’s child allowance programs. Combining and expanding existing welfare benefits, the Romney plan […]

BITTON: Decadence and revolution

Much has been, is being and will be written about January 6, 2021. The supporters of a sitting president of the United States stormed the […]

BITTON: The scent of cowardice

This autumn, France witnessed three terrorist attacks on its soil.  The response of the international community has been nothing short of shameful.  It began last […]

BITTON: An alternative American story

A few months after the pandemic’s outbreak, I spent a couple of weeks at my grandparents’ small farm in Southern Morocco. The intimate village setting, […]

BITTON: Faith and place

As a non-Catholic, I do not often find myself reading papal encyclicals, or letters written by the Pope that reflect upon questions of morals and […]

BITTON: Days of future past

Our present moment encourages the reconstruction of forgotten relationships and identities. From urbanites who left their Midwestern hometowns to college students who had begun to […]

BITTON: Class struggle

Affirmative action is a phrase that has accumulated a slew of contradictory connotations. For the vast majority of Yale students, this practice represents an engine […]