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KEEGAN: The Opposite of Loneliness

The piece below was written by Marina Keegan ’12 for a special edition of the News distributed at the class of 2012’s commencement exercises last […]

KEEGAN: Senior year without society

I am not in a secret society. When I wasn’t tapped, I was pretty bummed. I wish I could say I was mature enough not […]

Reading Aloud

On Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m., Anna takes off her clothes and reads to Sam. Reads him cable box directions and instant soup instructions, […]

Challenger Deep

[ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”175″ ] When the jellyfish came, we woke everyone up. They floated down on the ship like snow and even Lev came into the […]

Keegan: Decriminalize marijuana now

Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney (D–New Haven) introduced a bill this month that would decriminalize the possession of marijuana in the state of Connecticut. If […]

Keegan: What I learned from my Cantab ex-BF

Today, the News is publishing a special satirical “Harvard sucks” News’ View. Good start, but they don’t go far enough. Harvard actually sucks. Like, literally, […]


The moon was as full as Ari’s womb. Sky and skyscraper traced the rows of stenciled water with purple silver light. It was a dirty […]

Keegan: Why we care about whales

  When the moon gets bored, it kills whales. Blue whales and fin whales and humpback, sperm and orca whales; centrifugal forces don’t discriminate. With […]