Mao Shiotsu
A Day in the Life of a Student EMT

First, questions:  “How are you doing today?” “Have you been exposed to COVID-19 recently?”  “Do you have any allergies?” Log answers onto laptop. Next, check […]

Quitting Oatmeal

I used to eat oatmeal for breakfast. Every. Single. Morning. At 8 a.m., I trudge through the vacant JE dining hall and stop at the […]

From Rabbits to Headstands: Rethinking Yoga at Yale

If I ever become that person who practices yoga every day, the kind who also drinks spinach smoothies and wakes up before sunrise, I will […]

Utopia, Ikea, Dystopia

Strolling through IKEA is one of my favorite pastimes. There is something quite empowering about being presented with thirty-eight options for nightstands and debating whether […]