Mahesh Agarwal
Staff Reporter
Mahesh Agarwal writes for WKND. Originally from New Hampshire, he is a sophomore in Branford College tentatively majoring in either history or environmental studies.
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How Yalies Waste Money: A Note for Prefrosh

Dear Class of 2026, Being a carefree college student is expensive. In a world that asks students to read romantic poetry and forget materialism, budgeting […]

“Don’t Worry, It’s Okay”

Three weeks ago, four friends who had never hung out as a group decided to be reckless. Jaime, Aaron, Gamze and Mahesh—the YDN X WYBC […]

WKND’s Guilty Pleasures

Mahesh Agarwal: Last week, I was enjoying a thick dollop of yogurt when I heard laughter, followed by murmurs: “Fascinating. I’ve never seen someone eat […]

Standing Out

When I was eighteen years old, I visited India for the first time. It was the climax of a cliche gap year story: an American […]

Window shopping on College Street

Eleven days after classes began last semester, your Canvas homepage was probably crowded. It was the middle of shopping period and you had 36 more […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Affirmations and Letting Go By Angelique de Rouen   It’s a new year, and I feel lighter. Literally. My appendix left me at the end […]

Strangers: Meet Emei

“Sorry I didn’t see your texts, I was in the city doing sessions,” Emily Li ’22 told me when we first met at Blue State.   […]

Prepare for Boarding: Lunch in Terminal YSB

Don’t let the name throw you off. Steep Cafe is a cafe in the same metaphorical sense that Whole Foods is a market. If you’re […]