Maggie Wittlin
Adopt-A-Doc performs outreach

Pediatricians are breaking away from the pacifying walls of Yale-New Haven Hospital and taking it to the city streets. The Adopt-A-Doc program at Yale-New Haven […]

Prof shows kids what they are made of

Linda Pellico keeps two sets of pig lungs in the back of her Subaru. This cargo might put off any officer of the law, but […]

Medical research bears fruit

When the stork brings a mother a new baby, it sometimes brings high blood pressure, excessive bleeding or pre-term labor with it. That is why […]

Study says virginity pledges are ineffective

Young adults who take virginity pledges do not have a lower rate of sexually transmitted diseases than those who do not pledge, according to a […]

Psychologists test monkeys’ theory of mind

The study of cognitive science is just monkey business, at least when the experiment subjects are Rhesus monkeys. Jonathan Flombaum GRD ’08, a graduate student […]

Egg research clarifies cholesterol confusion

A recent Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center study indicates that breakfast gourmands who fear ill effects of eggs can cast off their yolks of burden. A […]

Cartoons shed light on autism

Seeing kids getting excited about cartoons is hardly cause for alarm, but when David Grelotti, a former research assistant at the Yale Child Study Center, […]

Alonzo discusses fish reproduction, parenting

Amongst the Mediterranean wrasse — fish that are found in shallow, coastal waters — stay-at-home dads get all the love, and the deadbeats get none. […]