Madeline Buxton
Kid in a Candy Shop

  All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in […]


Her majesty the Windy City looms above the slabs of black and worn out brooms, whose bristles brush over the bric a brac strewn carelessly […]

Open Yale seeks stability

Well before last semester’s course evaluations rolled in, Yale history professor John Merriman had already received a rave review. In early October, he opened an […]

“Batman” actor gets political

For years, Matthew Modine acted out stories crafted by other individuals. Now he is standing behind the camera to make his mark on the film […]

Thursday Profile: Facilitating change

On October 14th, 2010, Professor Melanie Boyd ’90 met her 23-person seminar, Theorizing Sexual Violence, as usual in the Hall of Graduate Studies. But this […]

Widening the Frame

‘Why did she put him in the corner?” asks a leggy blonde as our group stops in front of the East wall of the Raphael […]

The New Pilots

Scene A FADE IN INT. HOUSTON COURTROOM – DAY Three months before the world reeled from the events of 9/11, another tragedy was on the […]

Channel 1

Inside the Channel 1 showroom at 220 State Street in New Haven, Lou Cox leans back onto a black futon, spreading out his legs and […]

Singular Twins

When Elena Light ’13 first visited Yale, she ran into a different kind of competition than the typical applicant. “I came to Yale and my […]

MAGAZINE | Twin coincidences

Seems like Yale is a smaller world than I ever thought! For the February issue of the Yale Daily News Magazine I’m writing about Yalies […]

Book of Quotes

‘Get a life.’ We say it all the time. But who said it first? Easy: The Washington Post on January 23, 1983. Before The Yale […]