Lukas Nel
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Lukas Nel covers Art Student Life for the Arts Desk. Originally from Stellenbosch in the Republic of South Africa, he is a second semester junior in Davenport College studying EECS and Mathematics, who is passionate about art in all its forms.
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Grammy-nominated wind quintet brings ‘utterly spectacular’ show to Yale

The thrice Grammy-nominated wind quintet, Imani Winds, played at Sprague Hall on Tuesday.

Yale Ballet Company blends of classical and experimental in ‘Timeless’

The Yale Ballet Company elevated classical dance with modern twists in the 'Timeless' showcase at the Crescent Underground this past Saturday.

Yale Jazz Initiative releases new Christmas album 

Professor Wayne Escoffery led the ensemble to create their new album, titled “This Christmas with Night is Alive,” blending holiday classics with contemporary jazz.

Berkeley College Orchestra’s ‘Serenade of Memory and Destiny’

At a concert this Sunday, the Berkeley College Orchestra played pieces by Verdi, Weiner and Sibelius at the United Church on the Green.

Oye spoken word poetry show celebrates Latine heritage and Day of the Dead

On Sunday evening, Yale's Oye Spoken Word group and other groups on campus celebrated Día de Los Muertos, blending poetry and music to honor cultural traditions.

‘ANIMAL: A Listening Gym’ brings sonic experience to Schwarzman Center

The immersive installation made by artist Ash Fure was open to the public in the Schwarzman Center from Oct. 21 to Oct. 28.

DATA: Yale College trends toward graduating more STEM than humanities and arts majors

In 2022, more students graduated from Yale College with degrees in science and engineering than in any year since the Office of Institutional Research began publishing data on Yale undergraduate student majors in 2000.

Berkeley College Orchestra launches 48th season with ‘Con Brio’ performance

The Berkeley College Orchestra gave a performance during Family Weekend, celebrating the new first-year members and their families.

Yale Lift Off celebrates original works by Yale School of Music composers and singers

Singers and composers performed original pieces at downtown music venue Firehouse 12 on Monday.

Corinne Bailey Rae performs new album “Black Rainbows” following talk on its significance

Rae spoke about the importance of the Stony Island Arts Bank in the development of her newest album, which delves into the Black experience in America.

Improv and comedy groups on campus look for first years to say ‘Yes! And…’ join this fall

“Improvaganza” and a sketch comedy collaboration with two student groups on Sunday kicked off the beginning of the comedy audition season.