Lucy Teitler
The Liberation

My sister still goes to my old school. So even though the pandemonium of my last month in high school led me to declare in […]

Bits & Pieces: The wonders of the Yalie superstition

People at Yale are crazy. We work too much and think that talking about how much work we have is interesting and how little of […]


They worked together at the college newspaper. She had thought he was kind of freaky at first, he was so short and spindly and bearded, […]

Norman Mailer, fearing democracy’s last gasps

I arrived late to see Norman Mailer speak at Sudler Hall on September 23rd. I had mixed up literary engagements in my date book and […]

Sexism in the English Department

Imagine an economics seminar in which there is only one woman. You do not have to stretch your imagination particularly far. Simply flipping through the […]