Lucas Zwirner
Footnotes for The Ergonometer: A Psychoanalytic History

Footnotes: 1. Michael Kraus, the only other significant commentator on the history of the Ergonometer, offers a different, but I do not hesitate to say, […]

The Ergonometer: A Psychoanalytic History

The Ergonometer (Erg) was developed by William Cranston and his son, Willy, in 1928.[1] The word is built from the Greek, ergon (work), and the […]

Zwirner: Student art focuses on process and material

There may be no better way to explore an idea than by rubbing it against one medium or another until there’s a spark. It was […]

Zwirner: Satire succeeds at MFA show

It’s always astonishing when a piece of satire manages to reinvigorate a sterile issue. [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”6462″ ] [ydn-legacy-photo-inline el_id=”21906″ ] “Branding Natasha,” a video by […]

REVIEW | At painting exhibit, sculpture

Most of the students who participated in part one of the School of Art Painting MFA Thesis Exhibition for last-year art students did not make […]

ART REVIEW | Students hearken to past, future in sculptural display

In part two of the Sculpture MFA Thesis Exhibition, which features the work of five second-year School of Arts students, many of the installations are […]

ART REVIEW | Painting stands out at the Whitney

NEW YORK — At the Whitney Biennial, many young artists have made videos and installations about their perceptions of time, but in the end what […]

MFA students offer diverse sculptural array

It’s clear from part one of the Sculpture MFA Thesis Exhibition that the School of Art is not producing a rigidly similar group of sculptors. […]

Zwirner: International at the cost of quality?

The world of the visual arts has always been a meritocracy. The artists history celebrates are the ones who have been innovative, talented or, best […]

Art Review | MOMA showcases Bauhaus

NEW YORK — “Bauhaus 1919–1933: Workshops for Modernity” is the first exhibit the Museum of Modern Art has dedicated to the work of the Bauhaus […]

Undergrad art exhibits diversity

The most important skill for young artists to cultivate is the ability to see well. The way an artist judges the things he sees determines […]